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    Popular! A Depression Information and Treatment Guide Top Rated
    A guide to depression, featuring a wealth of articles detailing information about this disorder, the symptoms commonly associated with it, and the treatments currently available. Offers informative articles, a depression quiz, and a support forum where you can anonymously read and contribute in a caring community.

    Depression affects millions of Americans each year, yet many people still do not recognize it as a treatable disorder. Depression can be treated with psychotherapy and pharmaceutical medications. Learn more about depression by starting here. - 23-Jan-2003 - Hits: 24040 - Rate This | Details
    Popular! All About Depression Top Rated
    A comprehensive site about depression, it's causes, diagnosis, treatment, and more. This site is newly updated with additional features including a discussion board, newsletter, news and research, online assessments and workshops, and book recommendations. - 1-Jan-2003 - Hits: 11298 - Rate This | Details
    Popular! BluePages
    A new, large information site for consumers detailing everything you'd ever want to know about depression. Includes evidence-based information about medical, psychological & alternative treatments, symptoms, online quiz, resources and a very powerful depression-only multi-site search engine. Compiled by Centre for Mental Health Research, ANU. - 5-Apr-2002 - Hits: 2333 - Rate This | Details
    Popular! Depressed Like Me Top Rated
    This thoughtful website provides in-depth articles and information on depression and related disorders (such as chronic depression and manic depression). The articles are well-written and easy to read.

    It also links to other depression resources online, support groups, and includes the latest depression news and research. - 6-Jan-2007 - Hits: 3043 - Rate This | Details
    Popular! Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)
    Shocked! is an informative, if biased, view of this treatment modality often (and once in a while, appropriately) used in the treatment of severe, chronic major depression. But, as this Web site correctly points out, there is a lot of misinformation being propegated by ECT proponents and people with an invested interest in the industry. Can be a slow-loading site because of its graphics, but it is very well-designed and a great site to browse and read. - 20-Jan-2000 - Hits: 2445 - Rate This | Details
    Popular! McMan's Depression and Bipolar Web Top Rated
    In 2004, an editorial in the British Medical Journal cited two Stanford University studies that found that "expert patients" who took the trouble to learn about their illness and took active steps to manage it had much better outcomes than those who did not.

    This website is meant to help individuals by giving them insight into their illness and behaviors, helping them make their own choices in treatment and recovery. This site includes more than 100 articles on all aspects of depression and bipolar, plus news, links, newsletter, forum, books, and message boards. - 25-May-2001 - Hits: 3985 - Rate This | Details
    Popular! The Depression Center
    The Depression Center is an interactive Web site dedicated to helping those who suffer from Major Depressive Disorder. Their goal is to promote interaction between depression sufferers and healthcare professionals. The site offers free tools such as an interactive depression test and an online support group. - 12-Feb-2003 - Hits: 1976 - Rate This | Details
    Popular! Wing of Madness: A Depression Guide Top Rated
    The latest in a long line of excellent depression resources online, this one's focus is on presenting objective information from a woman who has experienced the depths of this disorder. Links, articles, resources, and the usual can be found here, with an emphasis on the biochemical model. - 5-Feb-2000 - Hits: 2550 - Rate This | Details
    This site's motto states: "Committed to raising awareness and reducing the stigma of mental health." Depression-World offers: forums, a user chat room, personal or public (whichever way you would want it) blogs/journals, and e-mail supports with either their professionals or volunteers from the site. - 5-Apr-2006 - Hits: 369 - Rate This | Details
    Families for Depression Awareness Top Rated
    This organization helps people in caregiver roles and people with depressive disorders understand the conditions, reduce stigma, and share issues. The site allows folks order free brochures, read family profiles, access resources, and sign up for free email alerts. - 18-Feb-2004 - Hits: 777 - Rate This | Details
    iFred, The International Foundation for Research and Education on Depression, is an idea and an action plan based on the desire to find out more about why clinical depression happens. iFred's mission is to help support research dedicated to finding solution to the illness, and to support those dealing with depression and to combat the stigma associated with it. - 12-Dec-2005 - Hits: 323 - Rate This | Details
    The MoodGYM
    MoodGYM is an innovative, interactive web program designed to prevent depression. It consists of five modules, an interactive game, anxiety and depression assessments, downloadable relaxation audio, a workbook and feedback assessment.

    Using flashed diagrams and online exercises, MoodGYM teaches the principles of cognitive behaviour therapy a proven treatment for depression. It also demonstrates the relationship between thoughts and emotions, and works through dealing with stress and relationship break-ups, as well as teaching relaxation and meditation techniques. - 17-Oct-2006 - Hits: 463 - Rate This | Details
    WebMD Depression Condition Center
    An advertising-heavy resource center on depression from the large Internet health portal, WebMD. Offers medically-refereed fact guides and articles that discuss all aspects of the illness.

    Beware, however, that sponsored content from pharmaceutical drug companies is sometimes mixed in with the editorial content on this site. This is potentially confusing to readers who might mistakenly believe such content is unbiased. - 21-Jul-2003 - Hits: 387 - Rate This | Details




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