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    Alzheimer Europe
    Alzheimer Europe raises awareness of all forms of dementia through coordination and cooperation between Alzheimer and related disorders organisations in Europe, as well as organises support to the people with the disease and their carers. - 29-Nov-2006 - Hits: 342 - Rate This | Details is an online community dedicated to education, advocacy and supporting those whose lives have been impacted by Alzheimers disease and other forms of dementia. was created by people touched by Alzheimersto give caregivers and those with Alzheimers a place to share their passion for change and a cure for the disease. - 21-Jan-2015 - Hits: 38 - Rate This | Details
    Wiser Now
    Wiser Now, Inc. is a learning development and curriculum company specializing in aging issues with a focus on Alzheimer's disease, brain health and activities, caregiving, and creative training techniques. - 3-Jul-2008 - Hits: 442 - Rate This | Details